The Europa Platform The Europa Platform diagram
1: O'Neill Cylinders 6: The Window
2: Aeries (asteroid habitats) 7: The Hanger
3: Mirrors* 8: North Pole
4: New London† 9: South Pole
5: New Zurich†    

*Though only two are shown here, each cylinder has three mirrors.
†Contained within northern end of cylinder.

DOCUMENT EXCERPT: Praetorian Memorandum

Threat Assessment*


. . .it is almost certain that Autumn Rain is aware of the summit conference, and that they know the leaderships of both superpowers will be present. The exact location remains unspecified, but we believe it to be in space, possibly in neutral territory. The most likely candidates are either the World Space Station or the Europa Platform, and we would be inclined to favor the latter due to its remoteness.

We may assume, too, that the summit conference itself is mere cover for the real objective: meshing the executive nodes of the United States and the Eurasian Coalition in order to triangulate within the zones/nets upon all remaining Rain units across the Earth-Moon system. This sets up an interesting dynamic, as the Rain are thus forced to strike at the president on ground of his choosing, and they must do so soon.

In theory, this ought to place them at a severe disadvantage. But it should be clear from the events of the last several days that Autumn Rain is something beyond the range of ordinary definition —— a next-level strike force engineered to decapitate leaderships. The struggle now underway will be their ultimate test. We would advise that our agents on the World Space Station and the Europa Platform be withdrawn; there is little to no benefit in being anything other than a (distant) spectator to the next phase of this contest.

*Compiled by unspecified neutral intelligence agency.

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Dramatis Personae Dramatis Personae - the chain of command


Carson, Strom

Status: Mech
Affiliation: Praetorian
Birthdate: 06.30.2060
Paired with: Lynx, Stefan
Notes: Formerly a member of the Sarmax triad; Carson is our most reliable planetside mech operational, and has now been cross-trained for/assigned to lunar operations (see file XD-75444/32 on his exact capabilities). Once at the nearside, he will rendezvous with Lynx, who is still awaiting new directives following the Elevator's destruction.

Haskell, Claire

Status: Razor
Affiliation: CICom
Inception Date: 03.05.2082
Paired with: Marlowe, Jason
Notes: Probably the best razor available to CICom; possibly the best razor among the Commands overall. She and Marlowe have received memory implants, though their exact nature has yet to be determined, and may be known only to Sinclair (see file XD-56343/43). It is believed that Sinclair plans to deploy her and Marlowe into space on anti-Rain operations, and this development should be monitored.

Linehan, Seb

Status: Mech
Affiliation: SpaceCom
Inception Date: 06.05.2078
Paired with: Spencer, Lyle
Notes: Wet-ops specialist handled by Matthias through cutouts and now gone rogue (see file XD-884939/94). Believed to be attempting rendezvous with Priam agent Spencer. Extremely dangerous, particularly as multiple parties are seeking to gain custody of him.

Lynx, Stefan

Status: Mech
Affiliation: Praetorian
Birthdate: 11.11.2062
Paired with: Carson, Strom
Notes: Formerly a member of the Sarmax triad. Currently infiltrating SpaceCom operations on lunar nearside; awaiting link-up with Carson; main focus of mission will be Rain from hereon in. While Lynx's creativity and outside-the-box thinking is second-to-none, he may be approaching the limits of his usefulness, though we are confident in his ability to execute against one more mission.

Marlowe, Jason

Status: Mech
Affiliation: CICom
Inception Date: 04.17.2082
Paired with: Haskell, Claire
Notes: Easily the most able of the CICom mechs, though personality structure remains fundamentally adolescent, which may be exploitable should the need arise. He and Haskell have received memory implants, though their exact nature has yet to be determined, and may only be known to Sinclair (see file XD-56343/43). Marlowe maintains particular expertise in orbital operations, which presumably factors into Sinclair's decision to move him and Haskell into space.

Sarmax, Leo

Status: Mech
Affiliation: Praetorian
Birthdate: 10.12.2052
Paired with: N/A
Notes: Scheduled for termination: recent evidence suggests his post-retirement memory wipes may have been less than efficacious. Latter stages of career saw his leadership of the triad that included Lynx and Carson; subsequently was chief of staff for the Hand. Maintained brief liaison with member of Autumn Rain (see file XD-435633/78). He knows far too much, and his loyalty at this point must be regarded as questionable.

Spencer, Lyle

Status: Razor
Affiliation: Priam Combine
Inception Date: 05.20.2074
Paired with: Linehan, Seb
Notes: Priam agent currently infiltrating TransNorthern Enterprises; intel conduit occurs through Control (see below). Linehan/Spencer rendezvous believed to be highly likely at this point; there may be more than meets the eye here (see file XD-285911/72).



Status: Handler
Affiliation: Priam Combine
Inception Date: Unknown
Notes: The key Priam asset in North America. Believed to have been operational for at least five years and to be directly handling at least fifteen Priam agents based throughout United States and (possibly) in Canada and Mexico.

Jarvin, Alek

Status: Handler
Affiliation: CICom
Birthdate: 09.10.2058
Notes: CICom handler; believed to operate in HK Geoplex as part of Sinclair’s “forward basing” strategy. Almost certainly currently targeted for liquidation by Autumn Rain units in HK (see file XD-287226/57).

Matthias, Anton

Status: Handler
Affiliation: CICom
Birthdate: 07.23.2059
Reports: Marlowe, Haskell
Notes: Third-in-command of SpaceCom intelligence; maintains extensive black-ops operations (see file XD-486993/14). Current base is Nansen Station. It remains uncertain how much Szilard knows of Matthias' activities; there are several theories here.


Status: Envoy
Affiliation: CICom
Birthdate: 10.17.2065
Notes: Formerly in the top rank of Sinclair's agents, Morat is now regarded as one of the most promising of the rising CICom envoys. Currently charged with investigating possible Autumn Rain infiltration of CICom (see file XD-486992/04).

Huselid, Gunnar (aka the Hand)

Status: Chief of Internal Security, Office of the President
Affiliation: Praetorian
Birthdate: See file XD-473838/28
Notes: Responsible for personal security of president; along with president and bodyguards, maintains sole access to all XDlevel files.


Asgard, Stephan

Status: Head of NavCom
Birthdate: 04.29.2052
Notes: Asgard is a staunch supporter of president; however, NavCom is currently split into several factions, and its future direction is likely to depend on the result of that struggle.

Montrose, Stephanie

Status: Head of InfoCom
Birthdate: 12.19.2060
Notes: The InfoCom/SpaceCom rivalry is now perhaps the most salient dynamic within the Inner Cabinet, though leveraging this dynamic is fraught with complications (see file XD- 573991/65).

Secord, Hansson

Status: Head of ArmyCom
Birthdate: 08.18.2053
Notes: Latest power-plays have virtually eliminated Secord/Army as an independent force; however, he remains capable of throwing his support behind one of the real players.

Sinclair, Matthew

Status: Head of CICom
Birthdate: 01.12.2048
Notes: Previously head of NavCom, with longstanding Navy roots. Confidante of president since 2060, and now his strongest supporter in the Inner Cabinet.

Szilard, Jharek

Status: Head of SpaceCom
Birthdate: 06.10.2058
Notes: Szilard is the central enigma within the Inner Cabinet; whether he is the tool of out-of-control subordinates or our implacable enemy remains open to question. There can be no doubt, though, that SpaceCom is the most powerful of the Commands at this point, leading InfoCom by a significant (though far from overwhelming) margin.

Harrison, Andrew

Status: President of United States of America
Birthdate: 05.27.2047